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I employ a method called cuerda seca (dry or black cord) in my pottery pieces. This method is believed to have originated in Islamic Spain and Portugal, and found to be revived in the work of the "Saturday Evening Girls" (SEG) of Boston's "Paul Revere" pottery. SEG's work is simple, whimsical, beautiful, and beloved. My work is heavily inspired by them. I create my pottery on the potter’s wheel. The work is hand thrown on the wheel, then bisque fired in my kiln at about 1830 ℉. I then create a custom design for the bisqued piece, draw the design on the vessel, and create an outline in black wax resist.  The wax must sit at least two hours and then the glaze is dropped into the outlined areas. Finally, the glazed piece is fired again in the kiln at about 2232℉.

My focus is to incorporate design elements from the Arts and Crafts movement. I concentrate and expand on designs and motifs that may have been overshadowed or overlooked. Most of my pieces are original designs. My pieces can reflect something as simple as a dandelion from a wallpaper border or a complete stained glass window drawing. 

Clay is more than earth to me. It is ancient, tactile, fascinating, humbling, and can be unforgiving. It supplies historical information of the past and informs my perspective today. Pottery is a living, breathing, art where memories can be passed on with the object. With each piece I try to continue the ideals of the Arts and Crafts movement by the care I practice in my craftsmanship, simplicity of design, and beauty.